Catch The Largest Dolphin Over 55 lbs and win the SeaHunter Offshore Series Boat prize. $50,000 towards your new order of an Offshore Series SeaHunter Boat. Valid for new orders only. The SeaHunter Offshore Series Boat prize is transferable. No cash equivalence. Expires May 20, 2016.

Fish from Key Largoto Key West in the World Famous Florida Keys Dolphin Championship. Weigh your Dolphin in at Five Different Locations From Miami to Key West.

The way the tournament work’s is, Your Team registers at any one of the five weigh-in/registration venues. That registers your Team at that location for the Prices and trophies for that location. Your paid entry into the Florida Keys Dolphin Championship also registers your Team for the Overall tournament which is the first thru fifth place overall largest dolphin and the Largest Dolphin over 55 pounds Seahunter Bay Boat Prize.

In addition to your Teams entry fee into the Florida Keys Dolphin Championship you have the option to buy into any one of the three or all of the Optional Entries. Which are the Largest Dolphin Per weigh-in/registration District, the Overall Largest Daily Dolphin (tourn. wide) and the Largest Combined Daily Weight of a Bull and Cow Dolphin (tourn. wide). Early entry starts at the end of March. Go to to register and all the details.